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Over the last few days I’ve seen a couple of photographs that caught my attention and I decided to give it a try to replicate them.

The first was of this knife and fork. I saw the original image on the web and at first sight thought that it would be quite easy to copy but that proved so so wrong. In trying to get the same directional lighting and shadows as on the original I shot and tried countless set ups and began to wonder if in fact there was a lot of photoshop work that had gone into it to get the final result.

Here’s the photo I was trying to copy:


Note where the shadow side of the fork is. This would seem to indicate that the light was low to camera left but there is no shadow from the knife on the far side so it couldn’t be that low.

Here’s my best attempt:

Not nearly the same differentiation on the fork prongs between the shadow and hightlights. I’ll perhaps give it another go when I’ve given it some more thought. Any ideas welcome!



The other shot I saw was in a restaurant yesterday just of a pair of scissors. Very simple shot. Here’s mine. Does it work? Could it go on a wall? The scissors were not perhaps the best to use. The print I saw yesterday used a vintage pair but this was all I could find.

OLYMPUS OM-d EM5 30mm Sigma Art lens