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So on to my other purchases, the trio of Sigma lens for my Olympus OMD-EM5.

I bought two of them through Ebay; the 19mm and the 60mm. I think its probably a testament to how good these lenses are and what value for money that there are very few of them on the second hand market.

The 19mm is the old design with a lens barrel that has a ribbed effect for grip. The later ones are very smooth and I really dont like the look as much although in operation they are Ok to use.

All three are incredibly sharp and, at least compared to the zoom kit lens I had been using, very quick to focus.

I should perhaps add a note as to why I chose 3 prime lens when I could have purchased another zoom lens covering the same range. Olympus do a “pro” zoom lens covering 12mm – 40mm so wider than I can now do but shorter at the telephoto end. I do not shoot very wide angle much so the 12mm did not really interest me and I wanted a rather longer range at the top end than the 40mm. Another option would have been the 12 – 100 but that only has a maximum aperture of f4 and I really wanted something larger for lower light and also to minimise depth of field which with micro four thirds is not great anyway. Also the 3 prime lens set me back less than £300 in total whereas even secondhand I would have been paying out at least another £200 for the telephoto.

The only downside is that I end up changing lens a lot more but thats something I’m happy to do, its another reason to stop and think about the framing before pressing the shutter.

Here’s just a quick couple of images. Just the 19mm and 30mm at the moment. I’ve not really shot anything with the 60mm worthy of reproducing!

If you have any comments or queries please do leave me a comment below.


Teazle, the border terrier I shot with the 30mm just quickly as I was playing around with the camera. I popped a flashgun on and bounced it off the cupboard door next to her.


Sunday morning walk in Norfolk 19mm


As above


A walk over Bungay marshes on a frosty morning. Shot on the 19mm