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I see reported that one of Diane Arbus’s photographs of twins – http://www.imaging-resource.com/news/2013/04/12/man-ray-robert-frank-and-diane-arbus-images-fetch-millions-at-auction – has just sold for $602,500.


Can anyone explain to me what makes that photograph worth that sort of money? If I had produced that as a portrait of children of one of my Clients I would have been ashamed to show it to them. I was looking at the picture on my PC when my wife walked by and asked if I had been asked to critique some beginners photos as it looked so ameraturish.

I know this photograph forms part of a series she did of “freaks” and perhaps as a record of social history they have some merit but where is the merit from a photographic point of view? My holiday snapshots from the 1960’s probably have some social history value too but am I likely to get over half a million dollars for one? I think not.