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Getting ready to start my floating studio on our narrowboat I wanted some trials to make sure that I could produce some great work in confined spaces and Fiona, an old friend of ours bravely volunteered to sit for me.

I went to her flat today and set up in her living room working round the dining room table and other furniture and her lovely dog who showed little enthusiasm for being photographed or moved from his (obviously) favourite spot in front of the fire.

I only used a black backdrop but managed to use two off camera flashes with a large soft box style diffuser, a silver reflective umbrella, and two snoots at different times.

The softbox style diffuser was the shoot through panel from a 5 in 1 reflector bought off e-bay, and the snoots were home made, one from a rolled up piece of cardboard and the other from a Homepride flour packet. A bit Heath Robinson but they did the job and I can now think about refining them a bit to try and make them look slightly more professional.

Here’s a couple of quick edits from the shoot