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Happy new year to everyone. It was a gorgeous morning today with almost the first touch of frost of the winter so we decided to go for a walk on the coast at Walberswick.

For those of you who don’t know it Walberwick is just across the estuary from Southwold here in Suffolk UK and is perhaps most famous for its annual crabbing competition. Its an extremely popular location and holiday venue and today was heaving with people as was the pub which we just had to visit after our walk.

Anyway on to the photos. I’m really getting so keen on the camera on my iphone and took that with me today to see how it would cope with the contrasty conditions of  a clear blue sky on the coast. The following photos I think show that it coped extremely well. There’s hardly any post editing work on them and even including the sun in the frame has hardly produced any flare.

I shot using the native camera app rather than the VSCO that I also have. I’m still not comfortable with it and the main benefits it has of being able to control the shutter speed and ISO rating weren’t really relevant for todays shoot.

What editing there is on these images I did on my Mac rather than on the phone using lightroom, no real reason for that other than the fact that its easier seeing the image on the larger screen.



If you look at the full size image you can just see Sizewell nuclear power station on the horizon



Detail of one of the many interesting beach huts