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In an earlier post I said that my initial thoughts were that I preferred using Snapseed for editing on my photos rather than LR mobile but I thought I should do a comparison to see if the end result was the same or if there was any major difference.

I used a very flat photo taken this morning in very wet conditions and adjusted it as necessary (according to what I could see on the screen) including the conversion to B & W

Here’s the results


Edited in LR mobile


Edited in LR on MacBook Pro


Edited on iphone in Snapseed


2nd edit with Snapseed

I’d be interested to hear what you think and which you prefer/think is best. My own thoughts are that there is very little difference between the two LR images but that the Snapseed was not quite so contrasty. I had another go with Snapseed as you can see.  Of course seeing the image on the Mac as opposed to the small iphone screen does make it easier to assess.

I’ll do a similar comparison on a contrasty image as well to see if that produces a similar result but these results are closer than I had anticipated. Its interesting to note the tone of Teazle the border terrier (in the background near the right hand post) in the two LR converted images compared with the Snapseed due to using the colour channels available in LR which arn’t there in Snapseed.